Our Mission

Our mission is to fully support our customers with the total deployment of their ERP and extended solutions. Whether this is an upgrade, migration, or new implementation of your ERP or network and infrastructure; EpiCenter will support you all the way.

In Our World, the customer comes first. We are anchored in your high level business goals from beginning to end. We are methodical in our approach developing the scope of any project and with the execution of the resulting project plan. We put your business needs first, make sure the technology works for you, communicate clearly and often to stay on the same page, and remain a trusted advisor for our customers. EpiCenter's core values are Experience, Passion, and Integrity to make Your Business, Our World. Contact Us as we’re in this together.


1. Your Business, Our Experience

We have been in your shoes! With roots in the manufacturing world, we have been Epicor and ERP users and leaders in the user community since 1998. We understand organizational and economical pressures, changes, and responsibilities from ERP selection to Go Live. By understanding your critical business issues and having firsthand experience running on a world class ERP platform, together we will standardize your business processes with Our Experience. 

2. Your Business, Our Passion

EpiCenter is a full service Preferred Partner for your business! As business continues to change in this technology centric world, EpiCenter remains your partner for software, hardware, and business needs:
Hardware | Networks | Managed Services | Application Training | Service Desk | Education | Performance Tuning 
Non-ERP related IT Activities and Training | Lean Training and Implementation | System Evaluation and Selection | Leadership and Recruiting | Technical Staff Training 
We also provide strategic consulting for technology-related issues pertaining to expansion, acquisitions, or downsizing; plus, interfaces to other systems and much more. Your Business is Our Passion.

3. Your Business, Our Integrity

Your long term success is our main goal! During the selection process, we will learn your critical business issues. While understanding these items from experience and working with you, EpiCenter focuses on these processes to implement a system for today and the future. Never losing site of our customers and your goals, our relationships are the cornerstone of our business. We have a 100% implementation and project success rate, we have a 0% fail policy; taking full interest in your business’s attainment. Having a partner from selection, implementation, and future upgrades gives your business a competitive edge. With one hand to shake your Business is Our integrity.  

4. Your Business. Our World

Our values of Experience, Passion, and Integrity allows Your Business to be Our World.  Our consultants have backgrounds ranging from financial, operations, mechanical engineering, medical device, aerospace and defense, to attorneys, accountants, and executives - Meet Our Team to find out more about some of our outstanding consultants. 
Business wouldn't happen without the wonderful communities they serve. We also take a broad perspective on our relationship with the communities we serve. We are grateful for the good work we are able to do and actively leverage it to create benefits as widely as we can.

Individually, and as a company, we directly support national and local non-profits, ranging from the American Red Cross to the Boy Scouts of America. Come see us, and we’ll tell you stories of tornado relief, building a local park, creating student internships and business disaster recovery.

Whether you are a small or large organization, EpiCenter will sew the common thread throughout your company.

Contact Us to assist with your software, hardware, or consulting needs today!